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Get your marketing, event and campaign data from Google Analytics and drive action by comparing with your other KPIs.

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Centralize & Simplify

Automate your Google Analytics data

  • Authenticate into your Google account once, select your analytics profile and be on your way.

Tailored to your business

  • No Google Analytics customer is the same. With our integration you can pull any metric GA offers. From your goal conversions, event tracking and everything in between.

Get the whole picture

  • From Adwords and SEO data, down to your most important conversions, bring Google Analytics data alongside your other KPIs in Visible.

Data on Demand

Refreshed daily

  • We bring in your Google Analytics data every night for the previous day. Set up the integration once and forget about ongoing maintenance.

Transformed for your needs

  • Easily transform your Google Analytics data and display it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually on the fly.

Supported for multiple profiles

  • Connect to as many Google Analytics profiles as you need, cross domain too! All you need is View access for the respective profile to establish the connection.
Our Customers

Love using Visible

Previously, my emails to our team and investors were staid, boring, plain text emails with a link to a google spreadsheet. When I crafted my first Visible Update, it was polished, professional and painless. Visible did all the heavy lifting. I can include beautiful visualizations without much effort.

Michael Tan
Director of Finance at Unbounce

Visible is my one stop shop for sending all Updates to investors, board of directors or even exec team members.

Benji Greenberg

Investors are pattern recognition machines and the better data we share the better the insights are. We've used our investor network to see what's coming around the corner and Visible has been the best method of sharing the data.

CEO, Radar Relay

Has been a great tool for me on weekly and monthly Updates. Has made us more metric driven and helps me to communicate the key issues/plan with our management team. Saves me time on weekly basis.

VP of Finance, ThingTech

Visible is one of those apps that makes perfect sense for growing businesses that need to communicate clearly to stakeholders. We live in an age of data overload and the opportunity to deliver relevant and customized information to our customers and their stakeholders is exciting.

Chad Davis
Co-Founder, LiveCA
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