Xero Reports: Consolidating Your Data

Published May 31, 2018

Managing multiple Xero entities can be a time-consuming and tricky task. Using a combination of our Xero Add-on and new Variance Reporting you can easily centralize, consolidate, and distribute your key Xero financials.

Centralize Your Xero Data

If you’re managing multiple entities or subsidiaries in Xero you can quickly connect multiple entities directly to Visible to get started centralizing your key financials. Once you’ve got your Xero accounts connected you can begin to create new custom metrics, charts, and financial reports using Updates.

Xero Consolidation & Transformation

Looking for revenue across all subsidiaries? Easy! Using Formulas, transform your data from multiple entities to automatically generate consolidated metrics and KPIs. Once your formula is in place you’re consolidated metrics will refresh on a nightly basis and fuel your charts, dashboards, and Updates.

xero formula

With our Xero integration we’ll automatically bring in all of your historical data so you are able to compare your current periods data to previous months, quarters, years, etc. Add in forecasts and budgets as well to gain deep insight into where your financials are comparing across the board. Easily break down your consolidated metrics to dig deeper into individual data points to give added context around particular movements and trends. 

Once your formulas and variance reports are in place you’re new insights will automatically be generated as new data comes in from Xero. From here, you can transform these into easily shareable Dashboards and Updates that can be shared on a regular basis with your management teams, investors, and board members.

You can check out an example of an Update generated using Xero Consolidation and Variance Reporting here.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to check out a video walking through our new Variance Reporting below as well.

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