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Visible & HubSpot Integration – Announcing our next generation integrations!

The Visible + HubSpot Reporting Integration

We are thrilled to be launching our HubSpot integration! HubSpot will kick off our next generation of Visible Integrations.

Our “Next Generation” integrations will have the seamless experience our customers have come to love, but will allow users to pull row level data (in addition to metrics).  Users will now be able to expose and drill down to transactional level detail for any of your metrics!

Hubspot Integration

For example, this will allow our customers to not only expose revenue trends but the underlying transactions & customers that make up a given reporting period.

  • Want to create a HubSpot dashboard & Update showing a pipeline breakdown with the Deal Names? Done!
  • Interested in creating a HubSpot report of New Leads for a given segment? Look no further!
  • What companies in HubSpot have more than 200 employees and are up for renewal? 4 clicks and you’ll be able to chart it!
  • Want to create dynamic metrics from multiple HubSpot metrics? Use our formula builder!

If you are interested in trying out the beta, email us at This quarter, we’ll continue to launch great integrations and make it seamless to get all of your data into Visible! If you are looking for something in particular email us at

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Mike & The Visible Team

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