Subprocessors List

Effective Date: May 15, 2023

Visible is a data processor and engages certain onward subprocessors that may process personal data submitted to Visible’s services by the controller. These subprocessors are listed below. The below is for Visible’s default offering, where hosting occurs in the United States. This list may be updated by Visible from time to time.

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc. – Hosting and storage
  • Heroku, a Salesforce company – Hosting and storage
  • Twilio, Inc (Segment) – Data warehouse and analytics service
  • Twilio, Inc (Sendgrid) – Application email message deliverability
  • Intercom, Inc – Email message deliverability
  • HubSpot, Inc – Customer support, customer relationship management and marketing email.
  • Stripe, Inc – Payment processing
  • Google LLC – Email, file storage, collaboration tools, and services to help protect
  • Honeybadger Industries, LLC – Application monitoring and bug tracking
  • Zoom Video Communications, Inc. – Video conferencing system