Google Sheets +

Visible VC

What it Does

Surface your spreadsheet data

Bring in your data from Google Sheets and use it alongside our other data sources.

Uncover insights

Easily dig into your data to uncover insights and trends to understand how it will inform your strategy moving forward.

Leverage your investors

Distribute your Google Sheets data to your key stakeholders to leverage their perspective, experience, and network.

How it Works

visible app layers

1. Authenticate your Google Account with Visible

First we’ll ask you to authenticate your Google Account with Visible.

2. Pick Your Sheet and Tabs

Next, pick the specific sheet and tab you’d like to connect with Visible

3. Visualize your Google Sheets data

Once you have your metrics in Visible. Visualize metrics and combine with other data sources to build robust charts.

4. Visualize your Google Sheets data

Include your data visualizations in Updates or Dashboards and share via email, link, Slack, PDF, or Visible login.

Google Sheets + Visible is a total game changer. It took a process that used to take me hours and compressed it to minutes plus our team is more aligned than ever.

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