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An Open-Sourced Financial Model for SaaS Startups

Tracking Key Financial Metrics

Back in the beginning 2016 we penned one of our most popular posts ever, Financial Modeling for Startups, then “open sourced” a Total Addressable Market template after building it for ourselves and found that it would be helpful to put in the hands of fellow startups.

Through that we met Mike Simmons, the CEO of Credsimple who provided some great feedback and wanted to make some tweaks for his own use. We have kept in touch over the years (we’re also proud to call Credsimple a Visible customer).

Mike recently decided to open source his own SaaS model for other companies to benefit.

open source financial model

You can find Mike’s original post here. There are a few key point why we love the model and post:

  1. Why you need an operating model
  2. The focus on questions, answers and considerations. How much should you raise? Who should you hire and when? How fast can I grow given X, Y and Z?

Some other great posts related to the post:

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-The Visible Team

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