Helping Founders and Investors Strengthen Relationships

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About Us
We build the most founder-friendly fundraising, stakeholder communication, and reporting tools for startups and the investors who back them.
Our Mission
We are on a mission to give founders a better chance of success by building tools and resources.
Visible was founded in 2014. We have been helping founders and investors strengthen relationships for 10+ years.

How We Work at Visible

We believe people should be able to work wherever they get their best work done. Our team is currently spread across ten cities and three continents but we try to meet up in-person when we can.
Inside Out
By taking care of ourselves first, we can better care for our team, customers, and stakeholders.
Bias for Action
We have ownership over our work. When in doubt, we take action. Failure is ok and it's even better when we turn it into insights.
Do the Difficult
Doing hard things is where value is created. We make decisions with a long-term outlook in favor of short-term gains.
Make Better Tacos
We want to improve what we already have. Iterating and improving our product and processes improves our odds of success.
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