8 Most Active Venture Capital Firms in Europe

Published May 2, 2023

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At Visible, we oftentimes compare a venture fundraise to a traditional B2B sales and marketing funnel. 

  • At the top of the funnel, you are finding potential investors via cold outreach and warm introductions.
  • In the middle of the funnel, you are nurturing potential investors with meetings, pitch decks, updates, and other communications.
  • At the bottom of the funnel, you are working through due diligence and hopefully closing new investors. 

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Just like sales, a solid fundraising process starts by finding the right investors. If you’re a founder located in Europe looking to find the right investors for your business, check out our list of VCs funding companies in Europe below: 

1. Global Founders Capital

Global Founders Capital is a fund that invests worldwide across any sector and stage. As put by their team, “Global Founders Capital is a globally oriented, stage agnostic venture capital firm that empowers gifted entrepreneurs worldwide.

  1. Global. We support founders in all geographies.
  2. Stage agnostic. We back companies across all stages and throughout the lifecycle.
  3. Operational. Our platform offers founders all the support they need to scale.”


Global Founders Capital is located in Berlin but they invests in companies across the globe. 

Portfolio Highlights

Global Founders Capital has invested in 900+ companies. Over their course of investing, they’ve backed popular companies such as:

  • Canva
  • Delivery Hero
  • Slack
  • Brex

Funding Stage

Global Founders Capital invests across all stages and business lifecycles. 

Learn more about Global Founders Capital by checking out their Visible Connect profile → 

2. Hiventures

As put by their team, “Hiventures is the biggest and most active capital investment partner of the development of Hungarian enterprises.

Our mission is to provide resources for the growth and innovation of Hungarian enterprises by offering unique capital financing solutions. Our investment programmes are available from the idea phase to large enterprises, which allows us to cover the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem and thus improve its competitiveness. We are a reliable and flexible investment partner of our portfolio companies in terms of development and crisis management as well.”

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Hiventures is located in Hungary and funds companies that are located in Hungary.

Portfolio Highlights

Some of Hiventures most popular investments include: 

  • Likespace
  • Neonectar
  • Unreal Industries

Funding Stage

Hiventures has multiple funds that invest in stages from pre-seed to seed and growth stage. 

Learn more about Hiventures by checking out their Visible Connect profile →

3. High-Tech Grunderfonds

As put by their team, “HTGF is a venture capital investor for innovative technologies and business models. We successfully support the best founders whose ideas can revolutionise entire industries and improve people’s lives – from seed to exit.

As a seed investor, we have financed 700 start-ups in the industrial tech, digital tech, life sciences and chemicals sectors. We have overseen more than 160 exits, including IPOs. When founding your company together with us, you benefit from an experienced partner at your side.”


HTGF has offices in both Bonn and Berlin and invests in companies with headquarters in Germany. 

Portfolio Highlights

Some of High-Tech Grunderfonds most popular investments include: 

  • Instagrid
  • Taxdoo
  • Orbex

Funding Stage

HTGF is focused on seed-stage companies that have been around for less than 3 years. As put by their team, “We flexibly invest up to 1 million euros in the seed round – as lead investor, but also gladly together with partners. You can bring this with you or we will contact suitable investors from our network for you.

In total, we can invest 4 million euros across all financing rounds and we open doors.”

4. Seedcamp

As put by their team, “We invest early in world-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology.

We are first-cheque investors, backing founders with ticket sizes between £300K-500K. We have led first rounds in unicorn businesses like TransferWise, Revolut, and Hopin along with the likes of Pleo and Sorare.

You may have already raised a small amount of capital from friends and family but this is most likely your first round of institutional investment. It doesn’t matter where in your product development you are; if you think the Seedcamp Network — the most powerful, collaborative, connected, and experienced network you’ll find — can help supercharge your idea, you’ve come to the right place.”

Learn more about Seedcamp by checking out their Visible Connect profile →


Seedcamp is located in London. 

Portfolio Highlights

Seedcamp has invested in 460+ companies. Some of their most popular investments include: 

  • Wefox
  • Primer
  • UiPath

Funding Stage

Seedcamp tries to be the first check in a company. They typically write checks between £300K and 500K.

5. Par Equity

As put by the team at Par Equity, “Founded in 2008, our investment model is designed to identify and back the most innovative, high growth technology companies in the North of the UK. We’re based in Edinburgh and we’re investing across Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  

Key to our success is our distinctive hybrid investment model, combining our discretionary managed funds with the skills, expertise and contacts of the Par Investor Network – a large and engaged pool of investors and mentors with a track record of founding, growing and selling companies, who can add value throughout the investment life cycle.

This investment strategy, fusing the experience of angel investors with the professionalism and rigour of an experienced venture capital fund manager, is a force multiplier for Par Equity, delivering better outcomes for the investors and the entrepreneurs.”

Learn more about Par Equity by checking out their Visible Connect profile →


Par Equity is located in Edinburgh and invests in companies across Northern England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. 

Portfolio Highlights

Some of Par Equity’s most popular investments include: 

  • Aveni
  • Cumulus
  • Kibosh

Funding Stage

Par Equity looks to invest in companies with more than £20k of monthly revenue and are seeking to raise between £0.5m to £10m.

6. Partech

As put by their team, “Partech is a global investment platform for tech and digital companies, led by ex-entrepreneurs and operators of the industry spread across offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Dakar.

We invest from €200K to €75M in a broad range of technologies and businesses for enterprises and consumers, from software, digital brands and services to hardware and deep tech, across all major industries.”

Learn more about Partech by checking out their Visible Connect profile →


Partech has offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, and Dakar and invests in companies across the globe. 

Portfolio Highlights

Some of Partech’s most popular investments include:

  • Alan
  • OneFocus
  • Bolt

Funding Stage

Partech has multiple funds and invests in companies from seed to growth stages. 

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7. Speedinvest

As put by the team at Speedinvest, “We refuse to be just another investor who sends you money and shows up at board meetings to provide “advice.” Our mission is to empower you throughout your journey with actionable, aligned and game-changing support.

From day one, you have full access to our experienced investors, Platform+ operational experts and global networks of industry partners. Whatever you need to succeed, we do everything in our power to help make it happen.”

Learn more about Speedinvest by checking out their Visible Connect profile →


Speedinvest has offices in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, and Vienna and funds companies that are located in Europe. 

Portfolio Highlights

Some of Speedinvest’s most popular investments include: 

  • Wefox
  • Bitpanda
  • Primer

Funding Stage

As put by their team, “We are early-stage investors with a strong focus on pre-seed and seed rounds. But to be honest, some of our best investments were stretching the limits of how “seed” is defined, so we grant ourselves some flexibility here.”

8. Octopus Ventures

As put by their team, “Octopus Ventures is one of the largest and most active venture capital investors in Europe. Our mission is simple – to invest in the people, ideas and industries that will change the world.

For the last few years, we’ve focused our efforts, and our investments, on three areas where we think we can make the biggest impact. We focus on building a more sustainable planet, empowering people and revitalizing healthcare.”

Learn more about Octopus Ventures by checking out their Visible Connect profile →


Octopus Ventures has offices in London, Manchester, and New York. 

Portfolio Highlights

Octopus has funded over 180 companies. Some of their most popular investments include: 

  • Graze
  • Elliptic
  • Lollipop

Funding Stage

Octopus Ventures invests in companies from pre-seed to series B. Learn more about how their process changes depending on stage here

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