It’s live! Update Editor 2.0

Published August 10, 2019

Introducing Our New Update Editor

Updates are the core of the Visible product. It’s no secret that we believe that regular investor updates are a key component of startup success and raising follow-on funding. We want to continue to be the best way to build and send your investor updates, which is why we’ve released our Update Editor 2.0.

With our newest release, writing Updates is quicker and easier than ever before. In addition to a UI facelift, we’ve also added features that are as functional as they are fun to use. Here are a few of the things you can do with our Update Editor 2.0:

  • Move and organize text, objects, charts and images easily with universal drag-and-drop
  • Get a clean, professional look with side-by-side charts
  • Use new blocks to add charts, tables, files, text and images anywhere in your update
  • Drop local files and images directly into your update
  • Split your update into sections with line breaks

To see the new Editor in action, you can check out this short video:

These improvements also pave the way for some exciting new features we’re currently working on. We can’t wait to share them with you!


The Update Editor 2.0 is live in the product now. If you’re a Visible customer, sign in and check it out. If you’re not a Visible customer yet, we’d love to offer you a free 14-day trial so you can check it out for yourself.

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