Why Update Investors?

Scott Burns to me
Oct 25, 2020, 14:35 PM

Dear Founder—

Years ago, I secured a key round of funding from an investor who told me the following:

“We made a small investment with you and you kept us up to date. You shared your numbers, you were honest, and you allowed us to follow the story. You haven’t done as well as we expected, but we’re prepared to fund your whole round because we believe in discipline, data, and transparency and we see all of those traits in your leadership.”

Time has passed, and now I’m an investor myself. There is great software from Visible to support keeping investors up-to-date, yet the majority of my angel investments do this very poorly.

The founders who regularly communicate with me get more of my time, attention and—eventually—cash.

As such, I highly recommend Visible. Try it out, and I know you’ll love it.

Scott Burns, CEO & Investor

Communication saves startups

We believe that regular communication with investors and important stakeholders is key to a startup’s success. If your investors don’t know what’s going on in your business, they don’t know how to help.

Investors provide more than capital. They offer advice, expertise, introductions, and more. Visible helps you unlock those resources and use them to accelerate your growth.

Accountability and trust

Our clients tell us that Visible helps promote accountability and results-oriented thinking throughout their entire organizations. When everyone on your team knows their monthly numbers will be seen by investors, they work harder and get better results.

In turn, frequent, detailed communication helps build investor trust. When they know they’re being kept in the loop, they’re less likely to worry and more likely to help.

Follow-on funding

Odds are, your investors didn’t give you all their money—they have more! The best way to earn some of that money for a future round is to stay in front of your investors, demonstrating your commitment to transparent communication. Lucky for you, that’s Visible’s speciality.

"Our CEO was on a call with one of our investors and was told ‘That Finance guy of yours has the best updates in our portfolio. Keep it up.’ It made my day. I couldn't have done it without you.”

Michael Tan Director of Finance at Unbounce

Visible vs Alternatives

Visible is the market leader in investor engagement, but we aren’t the only game in town. Founders and other startup leaders choose Visible because we make it dead-simple to compose, distribute and track all of your updates in one place.

The alternative is often a clunky, manual and time-consuming update process. Frankly, we think leaders like you have better things to do.

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