CEO Weekly Note Update Template

Published July 19, 2018

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CEO Friday Note

Successful companies come in different shapes and sizes yet they often share a few key traits. One of which being regular and open communication. Dig into any great leaders, past and present, and you’ll notice most (if not all) have created some type of management system that allows for open and regular communication. Whether it be Marc Benioff’s V2MOM, Scott Dorsey’s “Friday Note”, or Kyle Porter’s Weekend Update communication can also come in different shapes and sizes.

As ExactTarget scaled from a small startup to hundreds and thousands of employees it was no longer feasible for Scott Dorsey to stay in touch with everyone. His answer? The Friday Note. In an interview with Chip House of Structural, Scott Dorsey had this to say: “I started officially sending out my ‘Friday Note’ in 2009 and never missed a weekly email for over five and a half years. It was a simple and very impactful way to highlight accomplishments for the week and keep the lines of communication open with our 2,000+ employees. It showcased the transparency in the company and helped us keep our unique ‘Orange’ culture as we scaled the company — one of the defining factors to our overall success at ExactTarget.”

Weekly team Updates are a quick way to share your company vision, rally around goals, and stay aligned as the team continues to grow. On the flip side, weekly Updates tend to help CEOs and leaders stay on top of the business. As Kyle Porter puts it, “Personally, writing this email helps me better understand the state of the business. It also helps everyone else stay in the loop so they can help out where needed and not lose track of our direction.”

We’ve pieced together an Update Template from different methods and styles used by leaders like Marc Benioff, Scott Dorsey, and Kyle Porter. Once you’ve dialed in your style and format you should be able to crank out a weekly Update to your team in 30 minutes or less!

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