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V2MOM: The Salesforce Secret to Company Alignment

In 19 years, Salesforce has transformed from a “startup” to a publicly traded company with over 30,000 employees. They’ve managed to sustain incredible growth while maintaining strong organizational alignment and communication. As Marc Benioff puts it, “While a company is growing fast, there is nothing more important than constant communication and complete alignment. We’ve been able to achieve both with the help of a secret management process that I developed a number of years ago”.

So whats their “secret management process”? V2MOM. A management process and acronym standing for vision, values, mission, objectives, and measures. It was implemented in the first few weeks of operation at Salesforce and has continued to ring true today. Benioff defines the different sections of the V2MOM below:

“The vision helped us define what we wanted to do. The values established what was most important about that vision; it set the principles and beliefs that guided it (in priority). The methods illustrated how we would get the job done by outlining the actions and the steps that everyone needed to take. The obstacles identified the challenges, problems, and issues we would have to overcome to achieve our vision. Finally, the measures specified the actual result we aimed to achieve; often this was defined as a numerical outcome.”


V2MOM: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures

Many of the organizational decisions and directions are guided by their V2MOM. Since the inception of V2MOM, Salesforce has continued to use the management process for individuals and teams. As Salesforce continues to knock out their vision they go back to the drawing board and create a new vision the team can rally behind on an annual basis. You can check out the original V2MOM from April 12, 1999 below:



However, V2MOM can be expanded beyond company wide alignment and can be used for team alignment and individual objectives. After Marc and the entire company define a new V2MOM it is then passed down to teams and individuals. From here, each employee is responsible for creating their own V2MOM. While having the corporate V2MOM to guide their own its easy for everyone across the organization to see how their role, goals, and projects can fit into the overall company vision (read: alignment).

V2MOM’s should be shared, changed, and discussed regularly. The introduction of V2MOMs for individuals should lead to conversations with their managers around priorities and decision-making processes. Ready to step up your company alignment as you continue to grow? We put together an V2MOM Update Template you can check out here. 

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