Zapier + Visible

Published September 5, 2017

We’re thrilled to be launching our Zapier integration out of beta and to bring the power of over 700+ applications to our customer base.

Even better is you can utilize Zapier’s multi-step workflows and add on the Visible trigger to your existing apps.

Not familiar with Zapier? Zapier connects all of the apps you use to automate your workflows. When something happens in a particular application an action is triggered in another. Check out some examples below to understand how you can automate your stakeholder reporting with Zapier and Visible.



Send Sales and Marketing data directly to Visible Metrics.

Send KPIs from Pipedrive, Intercom, Mailchimp or any supported CRM and marketing tool directly to Visible metrics.

visible and zapier integration

Connect to your database!

Want to automatically update Daily Active Users, Transactions Processed or other important KPIs from your own database? Simply setup a query in Zapier and pass along to Visible.

Visible metrics using PostgresSQL

Automate all the things.

Zaps can be simple, complex and tailored to your every need. You can always fine more in our knowledge base and feel free to reach out anytime to support at visible dot vc. We are standing by and ready to help take your stakeholder reporting to the next level.

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