How This Founder Leveraged Social Proof to Grow Their Customer Base

Published February 16, 2022

Yaw Aning is the CEO and Founder of Malomo. Malomo is a shipment tracking platform that helps eCommerce brands turn order tracking from a cost center into a profitable marketing channel.

Yaw joined us for season 3, episode 2 of our Founders Forward Podcast to dive into his career as a founder. He started his career in consulting which eventually led him to founding Malomo. Since founding Malomo, the team has rapidly grown and they’ve raised $8M+. Before ever thinking about funding, Yaw and the team had to determine what problems they were going to solve and did everything in their power to find their first customers.

Yaw joins us to break down:

  • How Malomo found their first customers
  • The importance of finding a co-founder
  • How and why you need to solve customer’s problems
  • How Yaw found his co-founder
  • The importance of being able to shut down
  • How to prioritize time

Give episode 2 with Yaw Aning a listen below (or give it a listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you normally consume podcasts)

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