Xero Integration 2.0 – Chart of Accounts

Published November 28, 2016

Introducing Xero Chart of Accounts

We originally launched our Xero integration into the Add-On marketplace just over a year ago and it has quickly become one of our most popular accounting integrations. Xero is a cloud accounting platform that has gained in popularity and is beloved by their power-user accountants.

Our initial integration was great. We pulled in your high level financial metrics from your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. We started to hear more and more that our customers wanted to get granular reporting on their Chart of Accounts — after all, being able to compare your Online Ad Spend to Budget has become increasingly popular as “unit economics has become the in vogue term of 2016.


We’re excited to release our Xero 2.0 integration to all that not only pulls in financial metrics but will query and pull in any account from your own chart of accounts.

By pulling in your unique chart of accounts you’ll get to fine tune how you present and tell the story of your most important data.

Protip: Use your actuals from your Xero chart of accounts and compare them against a budget or forecast by utilizing our Google Sheet integration.

We’re excited to be improving the initial set of integrations we used when we launched Visible. Should you have any requests for future integrations or current ones, send us a note to hi at visible dot vc.

Up & to the right,

Mike & The Visible Team

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