Use Sheetgo To Consolidate Your Google Sheets Reporting

Published June 6, 2018

Hate them or love them, spreadsheets are here to stay. Everyone has been a part of the confusion that comes with tracking and sharing your spreadsheets. A few metrics here, a few metrics there, it can become a days work to find and surface the right sheets. Thanks to our friends at Sheetgo you can easily centralize and consolidate all of your online spreadsheet data across multiple Google Sheets and CSV files.

Centralize Your Data

No need to chase managers and colleagues for their spreadsheets and data on a regular basis. Using Sheetgo you can easily connect multiple Google Sheets to feed into a master sheet to have your key data at your fingertips. SheetGo is a powerful tool to build, maintain, and scale an internal data distribution system.

When connecting multiple sheets you likely won’t need all of the data points in each. SheetGo can be as powerful or simple as you would like. Use their filters to determine what data you will be bringing in from each sheet or use personal queries to customize the process to your needs.

Outside of centralizing your team’s data help your clients, board, and investors stay on top of key data with consolidated sheets. Running ad campaigns on multiple platforms for a client? Easily take the data exports and centralize all of their vital data into one sheet.

Visualize & Distribute

Once you have your Sheetgo connections in place connect a single sheet to Visible to visualize and distribute your data. As you continue to update the individual sheets fueling your “master sheet” your charts, dashboards, and Updates will automatically refresh in Visible as well. Using a combination of Visible & Sheetgo it has never been easier to stay on top of your spreadsheets and avoid the frustration that comes with hunting down your data.

Ready to simplify your teams spreadsheets and data? Check out Sheetgo and let us know what you think.

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