An Update Template from DCG for Blockchain & Digital Currency Companies

Published December 14, 2017


Digital Currency Group Monthly Update Template

With the price of Bitcoin surging and digital currencies taking center stage on major news networks many companies in the space are having difficulties separating their growth with industry growth.

Our friends at Digital Currency Group are one of leaders in the digital currency/blockchain space. Their portfolio of companies has accounted for an impressive 70% of industry funding to date.

As the industry continues to grow the team at DCG put together an investor update template for their portfolio companies to use. With the appeal of blockchain/digital currencies at an all time high the template is aimed to allow founders to separate their success from that of the entire industry.

At DCG, as investors and company builders, our skill is our ability to recognize patterns. Without clear data and insight, it’s very difficult for us to guide and support our companies. More importantly, the old adage, “top of mind, tip of tongue” certainly holds true. The more companies share with us, the more we are able to support them, and the more we can tell everyone in our network about the great things they’re building. – Meltem Demirors in “The Next Round: How to Build Growth Stories with Data”

The DCG Template below is broken into 7 sections that give investors the information needed to help companies as much as possible. In addition to the 7 sections DCG offers 3 key points for sharing information with investors and stakeholders:

  • Keep it simple and short – bullet points are easy to read
  • Be extremely specific
  • Include charts where you can

Check out the DCG Template Here >>>

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