The Most Common Update Content Blocks

Published August 1, 2023

Best-in-class founders use investor updates to help with hiring, fundraising, strategy, and more. To help understand what is included in their Updates, we took a look at our own data.

We recently launched Content Blocks for Updates. Content Blocks allow you to pick different text sections to build out an investor update template. The following have been the most commonly used Content Blocks:

  1. 81% of Updates include “Highlights”
  2. 47% of Updates include a “Team” section
  3. 42% of Updates include “Product Launches”
  4. 42% of Updates include a “KPIs” section
  5. 39% of Updates include a “Fundraising” section

At the end of the day, sending investor updates on a regular basis is what matters most. Every business is different so be sure to use the content and data that is most relevant to your business.

Start crafting your investor update using content blocks below:

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