Reactions, Update Template Library, and More

Published February 18, 2019

This month we’ve brought you product improvements that are all about making your Updates better. Check out what’s new from the last month below.

Reactions to Updates

We all like to know that the work we put into updates is appreciated. Reactions make it easy to know when your stakeholders have engaged with your update. With reactions, recipients can simply give your Update a thumbs-up.

Reactions are currently in beta, if you’re interested in having Reactions enabled for your account, send us an email to

Screen Recording 2019-02-18 at 10.34 AM.gif

Update Template Library

Not sure what to include in your next Update? We’ve got your back with our new Update Template Library.

We are in early stages of building out our Update Template Library. Add any template to your account with the click of a button. Check out the library here. Have a template you’d like to share? Shoot us a message to

Check out the Library >>>

Tables in Updates

The same tables you use in Dashboards can now be used in Updates! What seems like a simple feature from the outside was actually a complex user experience to nail.

Feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions you have!

Up & to the Right,

-Matt & The Visible Team

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