Our 9 Favorite Posts on Remote Work

Matt Preuss
Marketing Manager
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At this point, it is expected that most companies and corporations will be exploring working from home/remote work for the coming weeks. There has been an explosion of “work from home” blog posts, resources, tweets, etc. over the past couple of weeks. In order to help cut through the noise, we have shared our 9 favorite blog posts on remote work below.

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The Remote Work Report by GitLab

The team from GitLab surveyed 3000+ remote employees to explore the future of remote working.

Work From Home

Seth Godin, business author, offers a framework to help employees determine when and how to work from home.

REMOTE: Office Not Required

Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp, is temporarily offering full refunds to anyone who buys the Basecamp book, “REMOTE: Office Not Required.”

The State of Remote Work 2020

The team at Buffer share insights and data from surveying over 3500 remote workers.

Upside.fm Podcast: Powering Communication for Founders and Investors

Our founder, Mike Preuss, had the opportunity to join the Upside.fm podcast to discuss all things remote work, investor communication, and portfolio management.

Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams: A Psychological Perspective

Steph Smith of Toptal discusses how remote work can deeply influence the dynamics of workplaces and individual teams.

How to Create a Remote Work Routine That Works

Marcus Wermuth of Buffer shares his remote work tips to help form a routine that maximizes creativity and productivity.

How to Build Social Connections in a Remote Team

Claire Lew, Founder of Know Your Team, offers 7 tips to help remote employees and managers build a social connection.

At Visible, we have been fully remote for the last 5 year. Next week, we will share more specifics and advice form our time as a remote company.

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