Mike’s Note — The Press

Mike Preuss
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Ever have one of those days where everything is clicking? Customers are signing up, the team is excited and your vision is being executed.

I had a day like this not too long ago. I was sharing the feeling with one of my mentors. He gave me some great advice, “Those are the days to work late… Call up leads that went cold. Write up a product spec. Do some strategic planning.” I call this the press. Doubling down when the going is good.

What if it is the opposite? Customers are leaving. Partnership agreements are falling apart. You missed an important deadline. Call it a day early. Spend time with some loved ones, work out or get some sleep.

Just last week I had a day when I was pressed. We had an awesome day and then saw a potential customer signed up last minute for a demo late in the evening (we love all of our Australia, New Zealand & Singapore customers :). If I was having a crap day I would have asked to rescheduled. I pressed, took the call, and fortunately converted a customer right there.

What do you do when everything is clicking? Seems like it is falling apart?

Have a great weekend all!