Investor Platform Updates – Reports, Advisor Roles and Custom Properties

Mike Preuss

The Visible team has been hard at work on our investor platform. Check out the updates below.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be rapidly rolling out new functionality — stay tuned! Our team is happy to jump on a quick call or demo to walk you through the latest changes and answer any questions. Schedule your demo today!


Our new report builder allows you to create and save reports for your portfolio. Reports will provide instant insights into company performance and custom views — great for weekly meetings!

In our initial release, reports can include:

  • Metrics
  • Metric Insights for changes between periods — % and actual (WoW, MoM, QoQ and YoY)
  • Custom Properties
  • Request Metadata
  • Sorting

Advisor Roles

Want to share specific portfolio companies with advisors, mentors or individuals that work closely with your portfolio companies but don’t want them to get full access? Advisor Roles are a perfect fit for you!

Custom Properties

Custom properties are now live in the UI. In your portfolio click the secondary dropdown and create custom properties for your portfolio.

Properties can include:

  • Numbers
  • Percentages
  • Currencies (Full currency support)
  • Dates
  • Short/Long Text
  • Dropdowns
  • URLs

Revamped Portfolio Company Metrics

We re-architected how company metrics are created and handled. Metrics can be assigned to all companies or on a per-portfolio company basis giving you ultimate control and customization.

Want to learn more? Schedule your demo today!