Introducing the new Home section

Published October 28, 2019

Introducing Home

You may have noticed a new addition to the Visible application if you have signed in lately. We recently launched the Home section. 

Visible's new Home and Activity Feed.

The Home section provides an activity feed to show you exactly who is engaged with your Updates, Dashboards and other content. In this first version we’ll provide: 

  • Views of Updates (from an email or link) 
  • Clicks on Updates
  • Reactions to Updates
  • Views of Dashboards

Your feed will also smartly group items together based on time and the activity type. 

Home also provides quick actions to see your recently sent Updates, edit existing Update drafts, and the ability to start a new Update from scratch or a template

We’re excited to provide even more activity types as we launch new ways to engage with your investors and stakeholders. 

Engaged Investors

Engaged Investors = Startup Success. 

When startups produce regular investor Updates and prioritize investor reporting they create an unfair advantage of being top of mind. The Home section helps understand which of your investors are engaged, value-add and in the loop. 

When companies are top of mind they get the benefit of customer introductions, partnership introductions, follow-on capital, help with hiring and more. 

This is just the start with the new Home & Activity Feed. We’re excited to provide more insights on how to engage your stakeholders for success.  

Up & to the right, 

-Mike & The Visible Team


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