Our 6 Favorite Blogs for Growing Your Startup

Matt Preuss
Marketing Manager

In the “world of startups” there is endless amounts of content being published every day. It can be a daunting task determining what sources can be trusted. While curating a list of of our favorite content on a weekly basis for our newsletter, we have come across tons of content and wanted to share 6 blogs we have found to be incredibly valuable and reliable. We hope our list can help cancel out the noise and surface resources to help you fundraise, scale, and hire for your startup.

Point Nine Land

Point Nine Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on SaaS and online marketplaces based in Berlin. Point Nine writers offer a unique perspective from the “VC” side of things and share many of their thought processes and benchmarks for evaluating investments.

Our favorite posts from Point Nine Land:


Led by Jason Lemkin, Co-founder & CEO of EchoSign, SaaStr features daily blog posts from Jason’s (and other SaaStr writers) journey scaling and selling EchoSign. Posts cover everything from leadership lessons to breaking down Customer Lifetime Value.

Our favorite posts from SaaStr:

High Alpha

High Alpha is a Venture Studio based in Indianapolis. The team (and writers) at High Alpha is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, operators, and investors. The High Alpha blog is a great tool box for finding resources to scaling your enterprise software business from $10M to $100M and beyond.

Our favorite posts from High Alpha:

Tomasz Tunguz

Tomasz Tunguz is a Partner at Redpoint Ventures. On his personal blog, Tomasz publishes a daily blog post. Often data-driven and more technical the posts are a great way to get the bottom of key questions most startups face on a daily basis.

Our favorite posts from Tomasz Tunguz:

Feld Thoughts

Brad Feld, Co-founder of Foundry Group, has been in entrepreneurship and venture capital for 30+ years. In his personal blog, Feld Thoughts, Brad writes a daily post with current happenings in venture capital and shares experiences from his time in the industry.

Our favorite posts from Feld Thoughts:

Both Sides of the Table

Both Sides of the Table is the personal blog of Upfront Venture’s, Mark Suster. The blog focuses on “both sides of the table” as Mark is a 2x founder and investor himself.

Our favorite posts from Both Sides of the Table: