Zapier +

Visible VC

What it Does

Connect to apps you use everyday

  • With over 1000 apps supported, setup just about any trigger and send data to your Visible metrics.

Build your workflow in a couple clicks

  • From simple counts to dynamic variables, it just takes just a couple clicks to start automating your data collecting and reporting.

No developers needed

  • The Zapier editor is made for do-it-yourself automation. Setup Zaps without technical help!

How it Works

1. Create a metric you’d like to bring in from one of Zapier’s 1000 supported apps in Visible.

Before you get started in Zapier, create the metric directly in Visible.

2. Create your Zap in Zapier connecting a third party app to Visible.

Sign into Zapier and create a Zap connecting the app of your choice to Visible.

3. Chart and share your Zapier data using Updates & Dashboards.

Sit back and watch as your data flows into Visible and populates your charts.

"Backtracks was up and running with ease using Visible's API in a day. Our internal systems are real-time analytics and Visible gives us beautiful, real-time operational dashboards for both internal and external stakeholders. It was a breeze to get going. Highly recommended.

Jonathan Gill, CEO of Backtracks

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