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Visible VC

Send Updates Where Your Stakeholders Work

Hit your goals

Keep your stakeholders up to speed on progress and benchmarks. Send revenue, sales and marketing metrics, and short narrative updates directly to your Slack channels.

Leverage other perspectives

Rally your stakeholders around your growth and progress. Our Slack integration previews your main KPIs and allows your team to jump right into the conversation.

Easy to Setup

Setup the integration in a couple of clicks from any update. Need some help? Watch the video below or visit our Support Article.

How it Works

slack communication

1. Authenticate your Slack account

When sending an Updates, authenticate your Slack account.

2. Pick Your Channel

Decide what channel you would like to share your Update with.

3. Send Your Update

Click “Send” and your Update will be published in the respective Slack channel.

4. Conversation and Decision Making

Use your Update in Slack to spur conversation and make decisions around data.

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