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Chart your subscription analytics alongside vital company KPIs with our ChartMogul integration. Connect your Mixpanel account, select your metrics, and create charts that update automatically. Learn more about the Mixpanel and Visible integration below:

How it Works

Connect Your ChartMogul Account
From your ChartMogul account, find your API token and enter it in Visible. Select the metrics you’d like to track and visualize in Visible from here.

Visualize Your Subscription Metrics
Once your ChartMogul account is connected to Visible, use our chart builder to visualize, add insights, and customize your metrics. Charts will automatically update as new data comes in from ChartMogul.

Combine With Other Data Sources
Connect to our 13+ other integrations to chart your core metrics from multiple sources in one place. For example, chart your ChartMogul data alongside core company metrics from Google Sheets

Share via Visible Updates, Dashboards, or Data Rooms
Easily share your data visualizations via Visible Updates, Dashboards, or Data Rooms. We allow you to push your data via email or link so stakeholders don’t have to remember another login.

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