ChartMogul +

Visible VC

What it Does

Get the whole picture

Compare your ChartMogul SaaS data with any of our other supported data source integration to paint a picture of your entire business.

Automate your SaaS data

With ChartMogul and Visible, report on Annual Recurring Revenue, Monthly Recurring Revenue, Customer Churn, Customer Lifetime Value and more!

Focus on what is important

Share your SaaS data with investors to focus and improve what truly impacts your growth.

How it Works

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1. Connect to your ChartMogul profile

First, authenticate your ChartMogul account in Visible

2. Select what metrics you’d like to integrate from ChartMogul with Visible

Select the metrics you’d like to chart in Visible.

3. Visualize metrics and data

Beautifully chart your ChartMogul data and combine with other data sources to create robust visualizations.

4. Share your data via Dashboards or Updates

Include your data visualizations in Updates or Dashboards and share via email, link, Slack, PDF, or Visible login.

The Visible + ChartMogul integration lets me keep my stakeholders up to date on all our our key SaaS metrics in a couple clicks.

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