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Let's start with the big news: we had our best month ever in August, adding $640k in New Annual Recurring Revenue! For those playing along at home: yes, that puts us above our quaterly revenue with a full month to go. Rest assured - we won’t be taking a month off. The team is carrying this momentum through September and into Q4! Total ARR Breakdown

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Import your most important business data using one of our many integrations, or add manual metrics quickly and easily.


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Data without context is useless. Tell the story of your successes and struggles, share big news, or ask for advice. With Visible, it’s easy to make your updates look just the way you like.

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Smart lists let you segment your investors and other stakeholders into groups, allowing you to share different levels of detail with different people.

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After your update is sent, track engagement and see who is reading your updates, and how often.

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You can also establish a regular cadence, and Visible will automatically draft an update for you every week, month, or whenever you prefer—just adjust content and send.

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