How to Raise your Series A

Upcoming Webinar
Date & Time
May 2, 1:00pm EDT
Raising a Series A round is a major milestone for a growing startup. While Seed investors are typically betting on an idea and a team, Series A investors are betting on a developing company. If a startup has already shown traction and scalability, a Series A round helps put the right resources in place to drive exponential growth. If a Series A round is on the horizon for your startup, Visible can help. In this webinar you’ll learn:
  • How to determine if you’re ready for a Series A
  • What you need to prepare before starting your raise
  • How follow-on funding can help jumpstart your round
  • What investors look for when investing in Series A rounds
  • How to manage your raise while also running your company
Preparing to raise a Series A round can be an intimidating prospect, but we're here to help. We hope you'll join us on May 2 as we explore How to Raise your Series A.
Hosted by
Eric Christopher
CEO & Co-Founder @ Zylo
Andrew Clark
CGO @ Visible

About Eric

Eric Christopher is CEO and Co-Founder of Zylo, the leading SaaS optimization platform that transforms how companies manage and optimize the growing number of cloud-based applications organizations purchase daily. After 14 years of buying and selling software, Eric knew there had to be a better way to manage cloud applications within a company. Eric started his career in sales at ExactTarget from 2002 to 2010. He spent the next six years in Chicago leading sales teams at Shoutlet and Sprout Social Inc. and founded Zylo in 2016. Zylo closed their Series A round in 2018.

About Andrew

As the Chief Growth Officer at Visible, Andrew is passionate about helping startups succeed. With 10 years of experience helping businesses start and scale—and having participated in multiple fundraises and exits—Andrew has seen firsthand the common challenges and opportunities that startups face. At Visible, he leads marketing, sales and hiring efforts.