Run a Board Meeting on Demand

Upcoming Webinar
Date & Time
December 18th — 2PM EST
Being able to conduct a strong board meeting is a skill that all startup founders should hone. A board meeting is not something founders should lose sleep over. If well prepared, board meetings can become an integral part of your company’s success. If you want to improve your board meetings, we can help.  Join us on December 18th for a webinar on how to host a successful board meeting. We'll be co-hosting with Russell Benaroya, Partner at Stride Services, as we discuss the elements of a startup board meeting. We'll cover:
  • What purpose a board meeting should serve
  • What content you should share during a board meeting
  • How to run a board meeting on demand with services like Asana
  • How to prepare financials in preparation for a board meeting
  • How to properly communicate with board members
Being able to run a successful board meeting starts with preparation. Join us for this webinar and learn how to effectively prepare and conduct your next board meeting.
Hosted by
Russell Benaroya
Partner @ Stride Services
Mike Preuss Visible
Mike Preuss
CEO @ Visible

About Russell

Russell began his career on Wall Street after graduating from UCSB with dual degrees in accounting and economics. Shifting his focus to entrepreneurship, he went on to receive his MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Today, Russell is a partner at Stride, an outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and HR services firm where the Company supports high growth organizations with back-office support.    Prior to Stride, Russell spent the last twenty years investing in private equity and as a healthcare entrepreneur, building and exiting two start-ups.  In addition, he is a former Techstars graduate and a longtime member of EO (Entrepreneur Organization).

About Mike

As the CEO and Co-founder of Visible, Mike knows a thing or two about effective investor communication. Aside from his experience founding a company, he’s also helped thousands of startups engage their investors and earn follow-on funding. Mike has seen the benefits of effective investor communication firsthand, as Visible customers have raised over $800M in follow-on funding in the past year alone.