From Deck to Check: Using Visible's Fundraising CRM

Upcoming Webinar
Date & Time
April 21st, 2pm ET
Visible is on a mission to give all startups a better chance to succeed. We've recently built an entirely new product, Fundraising CRM, to help startups organize and manage their fundraising process. Visible now allows founders to manage their investor relations from deck to check.

Join our CEO, Mike Preuss, on April 21st for a webinar on how to use our Free Fundraising CRM. We'll cover:
  • An introduction to our Fundraising CRM
  • Determining pipeline stages for your fundraise
  • Rating interactions with potential investors
  • Leveraging our investor database to find new investors
Join us for this webinar and learn about how to best leverage Visible for your next fundraise.
Hosted by
Mike Preuss Visible
Mike Preuss
CEO @ Visible

About Mike

As the CEO and Co-founder of Visible, Mike knows a thing or two about effective investor communication. Aside from his experience founding a company, he’s also helped thousands of startups engage their investors and earn follow-on funding. Mike has seen the benefits of effective investor communication firsthand, as Visible customers have raised over $800M in follow-on funding in the past year alone.