Understanding Alternatives to Venture Capital

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Startups are in constant competition for two resources: capital and talent. Without talent, a business fails to flourish. Without capital, a business fails to exist. Whether it be bootstrapping with customer revenue, debt financing, or revenue financing, being able to bring capital in to grow your business is a skill all founders should hone. Join us on January 22nd for a webinar on how to understand alternative financing options to venture capital. We'll be co-hosting with Tyler Tringas, General Partner at Earnest Capital, as we discuss alternative financing options. We'll cover:
  • What is Earnest Capital? What is their investment thesis?
  • How is Earnest Capital different than venture capital?
  • How is Earnest Capital different than revenue based financing?
  • What is a shared earnings agreement?
Securing capital starts with understanding the different forms of capital available to you. Join us for this webinar and learn about the best financing options to build your business.
Hosted by
Tyler Tringas
General Partner @ Earnest Capital
Mike Preuss Visible
Mike Preuss
CEO @ Visible

About Tyler

Tyler Tringas is the Founder and General Partner of Earnest Capital. Earnest Capital provides early-stage funding, resources and a network of experienced advisors to founders building sustainable profitable businesses. Before founding Earnest Capital, Tyler spent 5 years bootstrapping his own SaaS business, Storymapper, then solid it. Currently, Tyler is organizing the Founder Summit, a gathering of incredible founders, entrepreneurs, and makers. March 12-15, 2020 in Mexico City.

About Mike

As the CEO and Co-founder of Visible, Mike knows a thing or two about effective investor communication. Aside from his experience founding a company, he’s also helped thousands of startups engage their investors and earn follow-on funding. Mike has seen the benefits of effective investor communication firsthand, as Visible customers have raised over $800M in follow-on funding in the past year alone.