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Why Visible Connect?

Fundraising is a challenging, time consuming process for startups.
One of those challenges is finding the right investors.
Founders spend countless hours trying to understand:

Is this investor active? What deals have they done recently?

Will they lead? Take a board seat?

What geographies do they invest in? What stages?

What verticals?

What size checks do they typically write?

Have they raised a new fund recently?

Do they have certain traction metrics or growth rates they like to see?

The current patchwork of data sources & resources lack the founder first mentality, can be cost prohibitive and lack insightful data for founders who are fundraising. This isn’t a novel idea. Founder-friendly individuals who know the pain of fundraising consistently try to solve aspects of this problem with lists like Joe Floyd’s Emergence Enterprise CRM and Shai Goldman’s Sub $200M fund list. We believe these efforts should be coordinated and data aggregated for the benefit of founders everywhere.

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What is

Visible Connect?

We are giving our time and ask you to give yours to build the most comprehensive database of early stage investor information in the world as an open source resource for founders to derive investor insights and run more efficient fundraising processes.

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