Automatic Variance Reports

Unlock your financials and KPIs with variance reports. Understand how you are performing to plan and drive action in less than a minute.

Discover new insights and understand how you are performing to your budget and forecasts

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Connect to one of our data sources to automatically bring your performance data into Visible

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Add your budgeted or forecasted data to uncover how your actual data is comparing to your budget

Uncover new insights

Use our automatically calculated variance report metrics to understand where things went right, thing went wrong, and where there is room for improvement

Month-to-date Variance

Month-to-date Variance %

Year-to-date Total

Year-to-date Variance

Year-to-date Variance %

Year-to-date Forecast Total

Prior Year, Year-to-date Total

Prior Year, Year-to-date Variance

Prior Year, Year-to-date Variance %

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Easy to use charts

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