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Use regular Teams Updates to build a culture of transparency, ownership, responsibility, and hit your goals regularly.

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“Balancing change and continuity requires continuous work on information. Nothing disrupts continuity and corrupts relationships more than poor or unreliable information.”

Peter Drucker - "The Father of Modern Management"

Weekly Team Reporting

Centralize your team and company’s key performance metrics using our data integrations. We’ll do that hard work and connect to where your data already lives.


Turn your metrics, spreadsheets, and financials into beautiful charts, dashboards, and Updates.


Share Updates with your team where they are already working; email, Slack, PDF, link, etc. Prepare for meetings, celebrate victories, and keep everyone focused on your main objectives.

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KPI Tracking & Monitoring


Centralizing and monitoring the metrics that matter most can be daunting. Connect multiple data sources to build customized dashboards for individual teams.


Share granular data and charts to get to the bottom of crucial decisions. Keep quantitative data at your team’s fingertips for when it is needed most.


Use formulas, business intelligence, and variance reporting to leverage your data and explore potential projects and decisions.

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Team Update Examples


Day to day tasks in an office can be distracting. Give your managers the qualitative and quantitative data they need to stay focused on their personal and company objectives.


Save time by sending regular Updates to your managers to set precedent for weekly meetings, goals, and expectations.

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