Techstars Investor Update Template

Techstars is a worldwide venture network with 300,000+ alumni spread across 150 countries. Jens Lapinski, Techstars METRO, put together a Techstars Investor Update email for busy founders who need to get key information to their investors as quick as possible.

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"If you raise money from investors, and next time they hear from you is 12 months when you are out of money or need an introduction to another investor, they aren’t likely to be happy and aren’t likely to be willing to help."

Alex Iskold - Managing Director Techstars NYC

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What Jens Looks for in an Update

Cash Flow/P&L

Your cash position is vital to your investors. Be sure to include Revenue, Expenses, and Cash balance at the minimum.

Major Changes/Developments

Make your investors aware of any major changes at your company. This includes product changes, hires, fires, and fundraising efforts.

Problems You Are Facing

Arguably the most important section, lay out any major issues you are facing. Make specific asks so your investors can help as easily as possible.

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“Visible does all the hard work in producing the numbers, charts, graphs, and trendlines that tell the transparent story of our company--wins, losses, growth, challenges. More smart minds looking at the same data I'm staring at helps to engineer new ideas and new ways to grow Pattern89."

R.J. Talyor - CEO of Pattern89