Slack Update Templates

A collection of Update templates built for our Slack integration. Easily send your True North KPI to the entire company, share how you are pacing to goal with your sales team, share key usage metrics with your product team, etc. all directly in Slack.

Monthly Update Annual Recurring Revenue Movements View on Visible Hey team — Paul Matthews @ Our key metrics directly below with our more granular metrics and sales deck attached. Visible APP 1:08 AM

"As the success of business ventures become more and more dependent on attracting and retaining talented people, competition for high quality “knowledge workers” increases. Companies who focus on measuring what actually matters and empowering team members through ownership, transparency, growth, and collaboration have a competitive advantage."

Peter Drucker - "The Father of Modern Management"

For Your Company Wide Channel

Rally Around Company Objectives

Quickly send your “True North KPI” and “Big Wins” to the entire company and keep everyone moving in the same direction.

People First

Single out new employees, work anniversaries, and individual or team accomplishments.

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For Your Marketing Team

A quick recap of any major milestones, concerns, and figures from the last week.

Looking Back at the Past Week

Brief section of any campaigns, content, and emails published from the past week. With the goal to keep everyone in the loop and ultimately lead to conversations and improvements.

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A Weekly Sales Recap Template for Slack

Team Alignment

Acknowledge the report, good or bad, to give your reps the motivation to send reports moving forward.

Individual Growth

Build a cadence with your individual reps and keep updates succinct as well as comparable (make sure to share the same metrics in every report).

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Pull data from your most important sources