Reading List: Updating Your Investors

A curated list of our favorite content for leveraging your investors and distributing your most vital qualitative and quantitative data.

The Archives:

  • Samir Kaji, angel investor and VC/tech advisor, advises founders to invest in their investor updates to help untangle from the weeds and foster trust through transparency.
  • Brenden Mulligan says that time is not an excuse for seed stage founders when it comes to investor updates.

From the Visible Foreword:

  • The VC/Company Relationship - Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures discusses the major changes in the relationship between VCs and companies since the 90s.
  • How to Break Bad News to Investors - Micah Rosenbloom, Partner at Founder Collective, discusses the importance of breaking bad news to investors and lays out an actionable plan for sharing your down months.