Reading List: Distributing Your Product

A curated list of our favorite content for selling and marketing your product.

From the Visible Foreword:

  • The Big Whale and the Long Tail - Patrick O'Neill of Intercom offers an inside look at their own sales process and shares why they close small deals fast and first.

The Archives:

Growth & Marketing

  • Andy Johns has led growth at companies like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, & Wealthfront. Here is how to build a growth machine from scratch like he does.
  • Andrew Chen, now on the growth team at Uber, lays out a list of the few ways (and there are only a few) to scale user growth.
Sales & Business Development
  • Upfront's Mark Suster on why most startups should be deer hunters and shouldn't waste time with elephants or rabbits.
  • What are channel partners and how can startups leverage them to grow rapidly?
  • SaaStr's Jason Lemkin looks at how companies can sell into the SMB market and still grow a huge business.
  • Wiley Cerelli, Venture Partner at First Round Capital, shares 39 actionable pieces of sales advice he gathered from leading startup sales teams.
  • The a16z team on why even great SaaS products still need to have a sales force to support them.
  • The team breaks down how to balance vision and reality as a sales person they also have a great, free email sales course that you can sign up for here.
  • If you can get to 10 unaffiliated customers when selling a SaaS product, you're onto something, according to Jason Lemkin.
  • A conversation between Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue, and David Skok of Matrix Partners on building specialized SaaS sales teams.
  • SaaStr's Jason Lemkin says that your #1 sales rep should be driving an M6 convertible by month 12.