Getting Started with Team Updates

Below you will find the resources you need to get setup on Visible as quick as possible. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo with one of our analyst using the link below.

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Getting Started with Data Sources

Resources to help you get your key metrics into Visible.
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Getting Started with Charts & Dashboards

Resources to help display your key data using our beautiful charts and dashboards
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Getting Started with Updates

Resources to help you distribute your quantitative and qualitative data using Updates
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Our Knowledge Base

A collection of all support articles need to help get setup on Visible
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Pull data from your most important sources

Team Update Templates to Get You Started

"All-Hands" Update Template

A quick Update template for executives to send to the entire team on a weekly basis.
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Weekly Marketing Update

An Update template intended for marketers to “report up”. Whether that be a marketing representative to manager or manager to executive, etc.
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Weekly Sales Update

An Update Template that can be used by the first sales hire or by a team of 100 BDRs.
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“As the success of business ventures become more and more dependent on attracting and retaining talented people, competition for high quality “knowledge workers” increases. Companies who focus on measuring what actually matters and empowering team members through ownership, transparency, growth, and collaboration have a competitive advantage.”

Peter Drucker - "The Father of Modern Management"