Recorded Webinar

VC Portfolio Data Collection Best Practices

Learn how to leverage Visible's recent product updates to further streamline the portfolio data collection process at your VC firm.

Hosted by
Belle Raab Headshot
Belle Raab
Director of Growth @ Visible
Nick Wilde
Nick Wilde
Investor Success Manager @ Visible

This product webinar was focused on educating Venture Capital investors on best practices for streamlining portfolio data collection processes. The team at Visible showcased recent product updates and shared tips for making the reporting process easier for you and your portfolio companies.

This webinar is designed for any VC looking to upskill their portfolio monitoring processes. Current customers will benefit from a deep dive into recent product updates related to Visible’s Request feature.

Topics Discussed:

  • The top 6 most common metrics to collect from companies
  • How to collect budgets and actuals in Visible
  • Using formulas so you can ask for less data
  • [Product walk-through] — Setting up a data Request in Visible
  • Reviewing examples of different types of Portfolio requests