April is Here.

Have you sent your investors an Update this month? Companies that send regular investor updates are 2x as likely to raise follow-on funding.

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"Monthly investor updates, that are simple and crisp and timely are the best, most efficient way to get your investors to help you"

Jason Lemkin

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Why Send Monthly Investor Updates?

Future Fundraising

Companies that send regular updates to their investors are 2x as likely to raise follow-on funding.

Leveraging Your Investors

Your investors have likely been in a similar spot as you before. Make specific asks to gain access to their network, experiences, and advice. At the end of the day, their job is to help you build a strong business.

Building a Culture of Trust

Transparency and regular communication is a great way to build a culture of trust and engagement.

Send this Month’s Update

Investor Update Templates to Get You Started

Jason Calacanis Update Template

A 10 part monthly Investor template put together by famous angel investor, Jason Calacanis.
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Techstar's Update Template

The “Minimum Viable Investor Update” lays out 3 items that Techstars finds most important from their portfolio companies.
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Founder Collective Update Template

Simply fill out the bolded sections and have your investor Updates out the door in no time.
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"Investors are pattern recognition machines and the better data we share the better the insights are. We've used our investor network to see what's coming around the corner and Visible has been the best method of sharing the data."

Alan Curtis - CEO & Founder of Radar Relay