Display your data how, when and where you want.

Publish your Updates, KPIs and dashboards to mediums tailored to your audience. Publish your Visible content to Email, Slack, PDF, mobile, browser and more!

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Publish where you want

  • Don’t require users to sign up for yet another service. Push your Visible content directly to them.
  • We’ll render your Visible content directly in Email, Slack, PDF or through a shareable link. Try sending yourself an update example.

  • Send your Visible content to multiple mediums at once. We’ll track analytics for each medium and provide direct feedback with how your audience is engaging.

Start a Conversation

Reach your audience where they already live and start a conversation. From your “Friday Note” to Monthly Marketing Updates, you’ll be able to spark a conversation with your stakeholder and take meaningful actions.

Tailored for your audience

Your brand, your story.

  • Customize your Visible Updates with your own logo and color palette to have your reporting reflect your brand.
  • Verify your domain and your Visible activity will be published from your own email.

Mobile Friendly

  • We build everything to be mobile first and responsive. Create your stakeholder reports right from your pocket.
  • Whether you are presenting on a tablet or your stakeholders are viewing on their mobile device, we’ll make sure everything is rendered beautifully on any device.

Previously, my emails to our team and investors were staid, boring, plain text emails with a link to a google spreadsheet. When I crafted my first Visible Update, it was polished, professional and painless. Visible did all the heavy lifting. I can include beautiful visualizations without much effort.

Michael Tan - Unbounce

Built to be shared

Granular Permissions

Share specific dashboards with specific users. Our granular permissions system means that you can slice and dice access to who needs it when they need it.


All users have their own Inbox on Visible where all updates they have ever been a recipient of will appear.


Understand who is engaging with your content. We’ll provide analytics of who is viewing Dashboards and Updates.