Congrats to you and the team at Mapistry on your recent round! Visible allows you to centralize, visualize, and distribute your key data to key your key stakeholders (investors, team, board, etc.) using beautiful Updates and Dashboards.

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"Every investor that owns >=3-5% should be fully in the loop on what’s happening in the company until you are so big you don’t need any capital anymore, or their capital is irrelevant. They deserve this, and you may get burned if they get out of the loop."

Jason Lemkin

Leverage Your Investors with Regular Updates

Empower your investors to help them help you

Build a data distribution system, using dashboards and Updates, to give investors the insight they need to help the business.

Automate and centralize your investor reporting

Easily bring in data from our integrations, add context, and push Updates to keep your investors in the loop.

Turn investors into advisors

Investors have been there before. Give them the clarity and data they need to leverage their experience and connections.

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send visible update to investors

Our HubSpot Integration

Automatically sync your HubSpot data

We’ll grab all of your historical data directly from HubSpot. Every night we’ll sync any changes from HubSpot into Visible.

Customized to your organization

Your sales &  marketing organization is unique. Shouldn’t your reporting be? Easily customize, filter and segment your HubSpot data.

Drill Into Your Pipeline

Quickly decipher the healthiness of your pipeline and make more informed decisions.

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Pull data from your most important sources

"Monthly investor updates, that are simple and crisp and timely Are the best, most efficient way to get your investors to help you"

Jason Lemkin