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Why Visible?

Visible transforms your vital business data into engaging investor updates.

  • Investors provide more than capital. They offer advice, expertise, introductions, and more. Visible helps you unlock those resources and use them to accelerate your growth.
  • Detailed communication will help build a strong relationship with Lighter Capital and all of your investors. When they know they’re being kept in the loop, they’re less likely to worry and more likely to help.
  • Combine your key quantitative and qualitative data to share investor updates with Lighter Capital and make your next round a breeze!


Pull data from your most important sources

"While it is true that Visible’s round of funding is the fastest Lighter has ever done, Visible was able to speed his process up even further by coming to the funding process extremely well prepared. They proactively shared business metrics and reports. The preparedness of the CEO and the rest of the team showed that they understand their business and have a clear idea of how they planned to use the funds to scale."

Allen Johnson, Lighter Capital - Chief Investment Officer