New Feature: Portfolio Metric Formulas

Published September 25, 2020

Months of Runway?

Profit Margin?

Growth Rates?

Revenue Multiples?

Bessemer Efficiency Index?

Rule of 40?

Cash Burn?

These are all metrics investors care about through various stages of a startups lifecycle. The common thread of the aforementioned metrics is they can be calculated through a couple core KPIs that a startup typically provides through their investor update.

We just launched portfolio metric formulas to make calculating these a snap. Investors can now get instant insights while not having to burden their company by creating more complexity in a regular request.

Here is a quick video preview walking through Months of Runway as an example:

All customers that are on the Pro Plan or above will get immediate access to this feature as it is live today. Want to learn more? Book a demo with our team at


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