Xero Consolidated Reporting

Automatically consolidate financials across multiple Xero entities using Visible. Easily connect, consolidate, visualize, and distribute your Xero data.

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Step 1 - Connect Your Xero Entities

  • Connect multiple Xero entities in just a few minutes.
  • Each entity is unique. Using our Xero Add-on simply bring in tailored metrics and data using each entities chart of accounts.


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Step 2 - Consolidate and Transform Your Data

  • Use our formula builder quickly consolidate the same metrics across multiple entities to create consolidated financials reports.
  • With our Xero Add-on we’ll bring in all of your historical data. Compare overall performance to previous months, quarters, and years.
  • Uncover new insights and trends using our Variance Reporting feature to find absolute variances for each of your consolidated metrics.

Step 3 - Visualize & Distribute Your Financial Reports

  • Turn your Xero data into easily digestible Dashboards and Updates.
  • Display your high-level, consolidated data with individual entity data to dig into granular data and make more informed decisions.
  • Create an Update template to automatically send out your financial reports on a regular basis.



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