Appfigures +

Visible VC

What it Does

Every store, every source

Connect to the major app stores, ad networks and analytics providers and report on downloads, revenue, customer acquisition and more!

Focus on what’s important

Transform your key mobile app data into simple, yet meaningful reports and keep your stakeholders focused on your app’s performance.

Combine with other integrations

Easily combine your mobile app data with our other data sources to uncover insights into your company’s overall picture.

How it Works

1. Connect to your Appfigures account

First, we authenticate with your Appfigures account.

2. Select what metrics you’d like to integrate from Appfigures with Visible

Select the metrics you’d like to chart in Visible.

3. Visualize metrics and data

Beautifully chart your Appfigures data and combine with other data sources to create robust visualizations.

4. Share your data via Dashboards or Updates

Include your data visualizations in Updates or Dashboards and share via email, link, Slack, PDF, or Visible login.

Getting all of our mobile app data from Appfigures into Visible was seamless. Being able to report our mobile data alongside our finance metrics data was as easy as a couple clicks.

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