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Dive deeper into any metric. With our insights layer, we automatically calculate over 15 additional metrics for every metric.

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Variance Reporting

Budget vs Actual (BvA) Reporting Simplified. 

Simply pair Budgeted or Forecasted data with any metric and we will automatically create your variance report. Our Variance Report includes:

  • Absolute variances for each of your metrics.
  • % Variances for each of your metrics.
  • Automatically calculate variances for YTD & MTD/
  • Works with any financial year. Just select your year end date.

Comparisons against your historical performance. Automatically answer management questions:

  • Where are we Year-to-Date this year vs same Year-to-Date last year?
  • How did we perform for the same MTD last year? What was our delta? % Variance?

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Uncover new insights & trends

Our insights layer will help you uncover new trends automatically. Quickly drill into and chart:

  • Growth Changes
  • Rolling Averages
  • Cumulative Totals

Transformations with a single click

Easily roll-up your data into weeks, days, months, quarters and years. We’ll transform your data so you don’t have to.

Create your own formula

Use our formula builder to create new metrics by combining any of your data sources

  • Combine your CRM and accounting data to get insights on customer acquisition spend and sales metrics
  • Consolidate financials across multi-country accounts
  • Bring together your application analytics data alongside your CRM and finance data

Pull data from your most important sources

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