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Variance Reporting

Automatic reports to calculate MTD, QTD, YTD & Prior Yr YTD variances. Variance metrics can also be charted →

Formula Builder

Combine multiple data sources, integers and other formulas to create all new metrics and drive insight →


Effortlessly combine multiple entities, currencies and business units to consolidate KPIs & financial metrics for reporting. Read our Ultimate Guide to Currency Conversion.

Stride and Visible combine a full service client bookkeeping solution with visualization technology that supports business decision making.

When businesses understand their financial trends, they can better influence that levers that impact cash flow and profitability. The Stride Monthly Financial Reporting product is a foundational capability that we believe is foundational to our client partnerships.

Russell Benaroya

Partner - Stride Services

How We Partner

Custom plans, packages and revenue share opportunities

We will tailor a plan that works best for you and your firm. From discounted plans, to wholesale pricing and revenue share opportunities, we will customize a partnership for you.

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Custom plans, packages and revenue share opportunities

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One-Click Dashboard Templates

Work with our team to develop a one-click dashboard template compatible with QuickBooks and Xero. Make the template available to the broader Visible community and get more leads for your firm.

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Update Templates

Use Updates to deliver beautiful and insightful management reports. We’ll design a custom Update header and template to put your brand first.

Elevated Management & Stakeholder Reporting

Easy to use charts

Use our powerful chart editor to beautifully display metrics coming from different data sources.

Add additional context

Add notes and quantitative context using our business intelligence layer to help tell the story of your data.

Embed or share dashboards

Create formulas to combine multiple data sources to generate new insights and metrics.

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